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Born:  NYC. Aug. 8, 1907 Died:  LA. July 12, 2003   Introduction: Benny Carter was a fantastic altosax player, maybe the best one from the swing era and a favourite of mine and Oslo Jazz Circle from the early days. Together with my friends trumpeter Per Borthen and Danish Ib Skovsted Thomsen we published the Benny Carter Solography as Vol. 8 (1982) in my Jazz Solography Series. It had altosax integrated with his other instruments, but I have chosen to separate the instruments in this new version almost thirty years later. New information on alternates and broadcasts has been added.       Early history:   His cousin, Theodore ‘Cuban’ Bennett (1902-65), was a distinguished trumpet player, Darnell Howard was also Benny’s cousin. Benny’s father was a self-taught guitarist, his mother played  organ and piano. Began on piano at an … Read entire article »

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