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Network of Jazz Archeology: I would like to show my appreciation for all assistance given to me through the years, without which there certainly would not have been any solographies, nor any current “jazz archeology”!

First of all, the efforts of the discographers during half a century should be noted, without Charles Delauney, Brian Rust, Jørgen Grunnet Jepsen, Erik Raben, Tom Lord, Walter Bruyninckx and many others, there would exist no foundation for detailed solographies and advanced research. The biographical work of John Chilton, supplemented by The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, has also been immensely useful.

Then I would like to give my best of gratitude to all the collectors who through almost half a century have contributed with records and tapes. Some have kept their collections totally open for me for years, some have sent a few rare items on a cassette once. It is simply impossible to make any kind of ranking list according to the amount  of help, but without the following close friends, there would never have been any research from my side:  Johs Bergh (deceased), Per Borthen, Arne Bryn, Gunnar Feydt (deceased), Jan Gauguin, Øystein Rød Hanssen, Johan Helø, Tore Holm, Per Husby, Ronnie Johanson, Arne Johnsrud, Torbjørn Lidtveit (deceased), Ulf Renberg, Ola Rønnow, Haakon Sandøy, all from Norway, and Bo Scherman from Sweden.

I am also utterly grateful to the following (in alphabetical order): James Accardi, Jean-Claude Alexandre, Robert Altshuler, Nils-Gunnar Anderby, Olav Angell, Alain Antoinetto, Arne Astrup, George Avakian, David Baise, John Bajo, Rob Bauer, Heinz Baumeister, Harald Beiermann, Ed Berger, Roger Bergner, Norberto Bettinelli, Claude Bonnet, Lawrence Brown, Jan Bruer, Tom Buhmann, Len Bukowski, Frank Büchman-Møller, Armin Büttner, Mark Cantor, Russ Chase, John Clement, Harry Coster, William Coverdale, Christian Dangleterre, Georges E. Daverat, John R. T. Davies, Abel Deusebio, Frank Driggs, Åke W. Edfeldt, Göran Engström, Göran Erikson, Harry Fein, Otto Flückiger, Yvan Fournier, Yves Francois, Eric Frankhauser, Iwan Fresart, Coover Gazdar, David Goldenberg, Michel Guymont, Ken Gross, Marcel Gärtner, Charles Haddix, Oddvar Hagen, Leif Hallin, Scott Hamilton, Dieter Hartmann, Tor Haug, Trygve Hernes, Mette Hoff, Franz Hoffmann, Tommy Holm, Willy Holmen, Carl Hällström, Bram Janse, Tore Jensen, Marcel Joly, Harold Kaye, Karl Emil Knudsen, Dimitrios Kogamikalis, Jon Larsen, Claude Lefevre, Jos Linssen, Tom Lord, Hugo Lorences, Rainer Lotz, Jacques Lubin, Per Lund, Sverre Lunde, Harry Mackenzie, Eugene Miller, Bill Miner, Tomas Mooney, Jacques Morgantini, Dan Morgenstern, Cyndi Murray, Ulrich Neuert, Daniel Nevers, Arthur Newcomb, Per Notini, Bo Næss, Willy Oliver, Ned Otter, Stein Pape, Jan Merok Paulssen, Leif Bo Petersen, Jean-Francois Pitet, Bob Porter, Lewis Porter, Ken Poston, Palle Rasmussen, K.-B. Rau, Willy Renström, Howard Rye, Dieter Saleman, Jörgen Sandin, Phil Schaap, Anatol Schenker, Duncan Schiedt, Rolf Schmidt, Mario Schneeberger, Loren Schoenberg, Harry Schroeder, Manfred Selchow, Al Simmons, Rune E. Sjögren, David Sleet, Michael Steinman, Arturo Strassburger, Hiroki Sugata, Mike Sutcliffe, Harry Swisher, Ib Skovsted Thomsen, Jack Towers, Tom Tsotsi, Avis Carver Turner, Jerry Valburn, Dan Vernhettes, Jean Francois Villetard, Ernest Virgo, Göran Wallen, Lars Walter, Hans Westerberg, Lars Westin, Martin Westin, Arild Widerøe, Ole Petter Worse, Art Zimmerman, Anders Öhman, Stein Øvrebø, Svein Aarbostad. Updated: June 19, 2014).

I know that many of these kind helpers have passed away, but to those of you who are still around and interested in vintage jazz, please contact me and let me have your viewpoints on jazz archeology!

Finally, I would like to thank the Norwegian Jazz Archives and particularly its  Executive Director Finn Kramer-Johansen for encouraging support and assistance.

Jan Evensmo
Jazz Archeologist

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